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Italian Coffee

Italian Coffee

Most Europeans have to learn that there is no simple coffee to be ordered in Italy. Instead you have to decide whether you want an espresso, a double espresso, a caffè corretto, a cappuccino or a latte macchiato to name only the best-known coffees.

Italian coffee is an art. The art begins in the making of coffee. The best you can do is use a high-quality Italian espresso machine. Those machines provide the right temperature and pressure to make a really strong, creamy and tasty espresso.

Espresso – the famous Italian coffee

Espresso is the preferred beverage in Italy. There does not exist a time of day in which an espresso is not appropriate. In the morning instead of a huge breakfast, any time during the day in between work, after lunch, in the afternoon or as the highlight and crowning touch of a superb dinner – the espresso is indispensable.

The perfect cup of Italian coffee

Whether deep black and thick or with the famous crema on top – an espresso is the best coffee to revive and stimulate your senses. Among Italians drinking espresso is a ritual. It starts with the making of the coffee. Should you use a stove-top espresso or an automatic espresso maker, a pump driven machine or the traditional aluminium espresso coffee maker? The search for the perfect espresso includes the right selection of the beans, the way they are ground, the tamp pressure and the temperature of the water.

Il barista

In Italy there is a special profession for coffee-making: the barista. He knows how to produce a cup of espresso that has nothing in common with the Italian coffee you produce at home. He is able to differentiate between espresso or caffè Americano, caffè corretto, doppio, freddo, Hag, caffè latte or macchiato, marocchino or caffè stretto - an espresso so strong you can't imagine.