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Italian Coffee Machine

Italian Coffee Machine

Every coffee addict dreams of a shining, stainless steel Italian coffee machine. Of course, a La Pavoni Stradivari Lusso is not really necessary to brew a perfect strong espresso. But most gourmets are also design addicts – so why not buy a really attractive Italian coffee maker?

Function and form: Italian coffee machine

The reason why people prefer design espresso machines is clear. The new Italian coffee machines get a place in the kitchen where everybody can see them. They are no longer hidden as the older coffee brewers were. Instead they are treated like precious objects in the loft or designer kitchen.

How do you choose the right machine? First of all you have to decide what you want the espresso machine to do. Is it more espresso that you drink or do you want to be able to offer your guests also cappuccino, latte macchiato or different coffees, strong and less strong, with or without caffeine? Then you need a machine that provides the functionality.

Home coffee machines and professional espresso makers

Do you need your espresso machine just for your family or friends? Then you do not necessarily have to buy an extremely powerful machine that is able to produce cup after cup. You can choose a smaller model that fits in a smaller place. We recommend nonetheless an Italian coffee machine that uses fresh beans and pure water. The result is a really perfect espresso with the typical crema.

If you are a true coffee addict your machine will never be switched off. A coffee maker that works so-to-say around the clock should have a powerful grinder and a direction and height adjustable coffee spout for different sizes of cups and glasses. It is also nice if the espresso machine is easy to operate. But decide for yourself – there is a variety of Italian coffee makers to choose from.