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Lavazza Espresso Coffee

Lavazza Espresso Coffee

If you are a real coffee aficionado you certainly know the silver and golden airtight packagings of Lavazza espresso coffee. Lavazza Qualità Rossa, Lavazza espresso Qualità Oro and Lavazza Crema Gusto can be found in nearly every coffee shop or supermarket today.

It was actually the Italians and the Lavazza company that have influenced today's coffee culture in Europe.

Lavazza espresso coffee: the wholesome espresso

If you enjoy your espresso only once in a while you may prefer a small package of ground espresso. Would you like a Qualità Rossa or a Qualità Oro Lavazza espresso coffee? Lavazza Qualità Rossa is characterized by a full body resulting from the blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. If you taste carefully you may notice an aroma of chocolate. Qualità Oro coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans. It comes with a floral hint and is known as an extremely soft and velvety espresso.

As a coffee addict you will certainly buy fresh Lavazza coffee beans and grind them in your professional Italian espresso machine right before making your espresso. Did you know that you may enjoy your espresso without having to consider healthy aspects? Today scientists underline the healthy effect of espresso coffee. It has only a third of the caffeine of a filter coffee.

Lavazza espresso coffee: the espresso for coffee aficionados

People who love drinking coffee cannot do without their daily espresso. This is also true for German coffee addicts. More and more people prefer an espresso after lunch. It is wholesome, gentle to the stomach and at the same time strong and stimulating. There is hardly any moment in life which does not need a cup of Lavazza espresso coffee.

Try it after lunch, as a starter for breakfast, in the afternoon or after a frugal dinner. Even the simple scent of coffee will make you feel at ease.