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We are the coffee and ice cream specialist from Italy. We sell the Best products of Italy in terms of coffee makers, coffee grinders and of course coffee. Coffee machines from La Pavoni, Elektra, Ponte Vecchio, Isomac, coffee from Illy, Lavazza, Segafredo, Ice Cream makers from Musso, Nemox…

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Professional ice cream maker

Professional ice cream maker

The best ice cream is Italian ice cream. The home-made ice cream is made with fresh cream, fruit and high-quality ingredients. Even the thought of it makes the mouth water. No ice cream is so creamy and so tasteful. Now you can make Italian ice cream right at your home. Just buy a professional ice cream maker.

We recommend the following ice cream makers:

Right from the connoisseur: professional ice cream maker

Italians do not only know how to make pasta, they know as well how to make ice cream. This cold and creamy dessert that melts in your mouth belongs to the food that people all over the world prefer regardless of their age. Ice cream tastes excellent on a hot summer day or as a dessert after dinner, as a little snack during a break, on a children's birthday and even together with friends in an ice cream parlor. Ice cream - especially Italian ice cream - makes us happy!

Make your own ice cream at home

With a professional ice cream maker you can offer your family and friends, your guests or neighbors a typical Italian ice cream. Your family members love different flavors? No problem. With a professional ice cream maker you can produce home-made ice cream in just a few minutes. Most machines come with interchangeable bowls so you can easily produce different flavors.

Home-made ice cream for your clients

Imagine you could offer your clients a home-made ice cream! Wouldn't this be great? Just buy a fully automatic professional ice cream maker with a timer and you will always have your sorbet, frozen yogurt or ice cream ready. You just add the ingredients to the bowl and set the timer. That's it. Professional ice cream machines not only churn, they also freeze. This is extremely comfortable and the bowl does not occupy space in the freezer.