Nemox Gelato NXT1 i-Green - black

Nemox Gelato NXT1 i-Green
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Gelato NXT1 The Automatic wins the test for the best compressor ice cream machine among 6 competing ice cream makers. NXT1 the only one produced in Italy.

Gelato NXT1 The i-Green Automatic is the ice cream machine that anticipates the future.

Gelato NXT1 Thanks to the Made in Italy technology, the i-Green Automatic allows you to obtain twice as much ice cream and in half the time compared to the competition!

To obtain ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, slushes, simply touch a button on the touch screen panel to activate production. A sophisticated software reads information from density sensors and temperature probes and on the basis of these parameters, automatically adjusts the thermodynamic system, freezing motor, ventilation motor and manages storage.

1 kg/1.5 l - 15/20 min

Included accessories:

• 1.7 l removable stainless steel basket.
• Ice Cream Spatula
• Doser
• 2 Shovels (one for removable basket; one for fixed basket)
• Instruction Booklet
• Cookbook with over 20 recipes

Weight 14 kg

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Nemox Gelato NXT1 i-Green - red
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 849,00   945,00 (-10%)

 695,90   774,59 (-10%)