Quick Mill - QM67 0992 Pid

Quick Mill
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Quick Mill is a company with tradition: Founded in 1945, we specialize in the production of coffee grinders and espresso machines.

In our production facility in Senago near Milan, our coffee machines are manufactured using high-quality raw materials such as copper and brass.

The manufacturer has donated two boilers to the device. Both boilers are equipped with an electronic PID temperature control. The PID control ensures that the set temperature is adhered to precisely. These temperatures can be set very easily using two push buttons and a display and invite you to experiment with different brewing temperatures.

The pump pressure is also very easy to set using an adjusting screw. All you have to do is lift the lid and you can try out even more. The pressures actually achieved can be read off easily using a double manometer.

Economical and user-friendly: the hot water boiler can be switched on separately, which can save a lot of energy. You can save even more by using the stand-by function, which automatically switches off the machine after a certain period of time.

The purchase of a Quick Mill machine is not only worthwhile because of all the technical subtleties. The lifespan in particular is legendary: 20 years and more are not uncommon with good care.


  • Portafilter with 1-cup spout
  • Portafilter with 2-cup spout
  • 1-cup strainer insert
  • 2-cup strainer insert
  • Blind sieve for cleaning the brew group
  • Stainless steel tamper with wooden handle
  • Cleaning brush
  • 4-hole steam nozzle to change
  • Operating instructions on USB card
 Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 42 x 43.5 x 27.7 cm
  • Max. Cup height: 80 mm / 85 mm (1 spout / 2 spout)
  • Tank capacity: 2.3 liters
  • Connection cable: 1.5 m
  • Empty weight: 24 kg
  • Connection values: 2200 W - 230 V.
  • Heating capacity coffee: 800 watts
  • Heating power steam / hot water: 1400 watts
  • Case: stainless steel