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Bezzera Strega Top

Bezzera Strega Top
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Bezzera Strega Top

The Strega model combines the modern features of a coffee machine of the twenty-first century, with the traditional lever system that guarantees optimal extraction of coffee flavours, delivering creamy espresso following the italian espresso tradition. STREGA AL TOP Double water connection and Professional Pressostat It works with a vibration pump operated by an electronic that automatically adjusts the boiler level. Before coffee delivery the pump fills the lever group providing a pre infusion between coffee and water. During delivery the pump stops, and the pressure in the group unit is developed by two springs that guarantee a steady supply and the best oil extraction from the ground coffee. The group is heated by an heating element that ensures the group thermostability. • Electric heating • Automatic boiler water supply • Automatic blocking of heating element in case of lack of water in the boiler • Water tank and vibration pump

Technical Specifications:

- Heating Element 1450-1650 W.
- Boilers quantity 2
- Water Tank Capacity 4 L
- Hertz, Voltage 60-50 Hz. 220-240 Volt
- Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) in mm.330x450x710
- Weight net/gross 31 - 33.5 Kg.