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Rocket Giotto Type V PID

Rocket Giotto Type V PID
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Rocket Giotto with PID

The new Type V PID machines are the bench mark for premium domestic espresso machines.

The Type V PID machines feature twin manometers to display both pump and boiler pressures allowing greater Barista control over the extraction process. The Rocket Espresso designed boiler utilises thick lead free brass end plates and an insulated boiler for energy savings and increased thermal stability.

The Type V uses PID control for greater temperature stability drawing on 4 signal parameters to measure and control the temperature.

A digital and adjustable temperature display allows adjustable brewing temperatures for different coffee types.

The new machines continue the tradition of Rocket Espresso, producing the finest commercial grade, hand made, espresso machines available for your home and business.

The Type V range is ideally suited for home use.

Features include the proven thermo siphon system, nickel plated boiler with lead free brass end plates for increased thermal retention.

New to the Type V  range is the full commercially rated SIRAI pressure stat, which has a far greater degree of accuracy over the life time of the machine. Additionally, the thermo siphon system has been enhanced through the use of increased diameter copper tubes that supply the water to the brewing group. Now includes a water reservoir, low level, indication warning system.

Technical features

Built in every way to replicate the commercial espresso machine experience, utilising the very best in commercial espresso machine technology.

Features such as cool touch steam and hot water wands enhance the experience.

The boiler has been nickel plated, and has a solid, lead free brass end plate to aid thermal stability and heat retention.

Boiler capacity of 1.8 litres has been matched to the thermo siphon system to enhance the balance of the espresso machine and the ability to texture perfect milk.

The 1.8 litre boiler ensures quick heat up time to optimise perfect extraction temperature of 92 degrees, now controlled by a full commercial grade, SIRI pressurestat.

This espresso machine has been designed and manufactured using the highest grade materials to enable the espresso tradition to live on in your home.

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