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Nemox Gelato CREA 6K

Nemox Gelato CREA 6K
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PROFESSIONAL GELATO, ICE CREAM & SORBET MAKER. It is the most compact fully automatic table-top unit. Made in Italy. 120V/60Hz/1 Phase - 800W, AUTOMATIC program and storage, Air cooling.Electronic Speed Control, Inverter. Gravity drain. Gas R404. S/S case and paddle. Optional removable bowl.

In addition to the normal manual function, the operator has at his disposal:

- 4 Specific production programs (Gelato Classico - Semi-Soft Ice Cream - Granita – Shock freezing)
- 4 Specific storage programs selectable depending on the different needs and characteristics of the product
These automatic programs, as well as ensuring the best results, make the machine completely autonomous, leaving the operator free to focus on other tasks.

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Key Features:

•   An electronic inverter system for the control and regulation of the motor enables to vary the number of rpms of the blade (from 55 to 115 rpm) to achieve desired results
•  The compact size allows you to place PRO 6K CREA in every professional kitchen.
•  Easy cleaning through the drain valve.
•  Blade is stainless steel AISI 304 with adjustable scrapers.
•  Air cooling
•  Produces Max 1.5 kg in 15 '. 6 Kg / 8.5 liters per hour
•   Dim. 580 x 535 x 450 mm
•   Net weight 42 kg, gross weight 50 kg
•   Made in Italy