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Illy espresso coffee

Illy espresso coffee

Do you know how to distinguish a good espresso from an espresso of minor quality? Of course it is first of all the beans that make a perfect espresso. They must be aromatic, professionally roasted and freshly ground. Then it is the way the espresso is made. You need the right espresso machine, the right temperature of water and the right pressure.

Illy espresso coffee: a perfect single blend

Illy espresso coffee is known for its hazel crema and its aroma of chocolate, honey, roasted bread, almonds and toffee. It has a rich body and keeps the aroma for a long time. This is what makes illy espresso coffee one the most preferred espressos.

One of the reasons for this is the high quality of the beans. Illy uses only a single perfect blend of 100% Arabica beans for its coffee. The beans come from different regions. They are carefully handpicked. The perfect mixture of the beans is produced by the illy coffee specialists. They provide the balance of the blend that coffee aficionados love all around the world.

Illy espresso coffee: the best flavor of coffee beans

The carefully selected beans for illy coffee come from the most famous coffee plantations of Ethiopia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil and India. Of course the taste of the beans varies from crop to crop. Like a good wine they must be assembled each year anew to provide the typical illy taste. The master blender or liquorer resembles the oenologist, the expert of winemaking.

His task is it to create a blend that is full-bodied, smooth and well balanced. A team of skilled tasters help to produce the perfect blend. Again and again they taste illy espresso coffee in order to make it even better. The fine-tuning is the difficult part of the work. Each blend is tasted at least eight times before it is ready for the market.