Terms & Conditions

Order cancellation - product returns

Orders can be cancelled anytime. If the order is cancelled after we have shipped you can return the product at your own cost. In this case the Return Product Policy applies.

If you cancel an order you MUST insert the words CANCEL ORDER in the subject line of the email, together with your order number.

All order returns to address on invoice.

Payment with credit card

Credit cards: Payments can be made by Visa or Mastercard. You card is charged AFTER we have shipped.


Payment with Paypal

We accept Paypal as a payment method. You can make a fund transfer or pay by credit or debit card.

We will send you our Paypal account details after we have received your order. When we receive your payment notification from Paypal we will ship the goods.
To open a Paypal account, go to the Paypal website www.paypal.com

Paypal customer helpdesk: (+44) 08707 307 191


Our prices include VAT. This means that there are no additional charges for shipments within the EU. You pay what you see at checkout, no hidden charges.

For all countries outside the EU, please check for local taxes und duties before placing your order.