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Italian ice cream machine

Italian ice cream machine

You love Italian ice cream and want to make it at home? Then buy an Italian ice cream machine. Why does it have to be Italian? The reason is quite simple: because only Italians know how to make the best ice cream in the world.

Italian ice cream machine: a perfect gelato for dessert

Anyone who has ever tasted a real Italian gelato will never ever taste another ice cream. What is it that makes an Italian gelato taste so much better than other ice creams? We tell you the secret. Three things that are different. First of all, Italian gelato has an extremely creamy substance. If you think this is because it contains more cream you are wrong. Italian ice cream has only about five percent of fat whereas other ice cream contains around ten percent. The percentage of cream is lower in Italian ice cream but at the same time it contains more whole milk.

Italian ice cream machine: superior quality and taste

But it is not only the ingredients that make the difference. An Italian ice cream machine churns the ice cream more slowly. So it becomes denser and it contains less air. Whereas other ice creams contain up to 50 percent air, Italian gelato has only about 25 percent.

Americans love their ice cream deeply frozen. Italians consume it at a slightly higher temperature. That is why the flavors are more intense.

Italian ice cream machine: churning and freezing

Professional Italian ice cream makers are not only design objects. They really produce a perfect gelato since they churn slowly and freeze at the same time. If you want to spend less you can buy a machine that does not freeze. Then you simply put the bowl into the freezer. But don't forget to assure you have enough space for it.

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