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Italian ice cream maker

Italian ice cream maker

Do you know that gelato is not simply the Italian word for ice cream but really something totally different? People who have been to Italy know what we mean. Italian ice cream is so creamy and delicious. It tastes better than any ice cream in the world. Why is that? Why does it taste so rich and why does it have such an intense flavor? It is not only our memory of a perfect vacation that makes Italian gelato the best ever tasted. There is actually a difference.

Why you need an Italian ice cream maker

You need the right ingredients, but you also need the right Italian ice cream maker if you want to produce a real Italian gelato. Surprisingly the percentage of cream is lower in gelato, but the amount of whole milk is bigger than in other ice creams. The overall percentage of fat amounts to five to seven percent. Normal ice cream has about ten percent of fat.

What makes Italian gelato so creamy is the fact that the Italian ice cream maker churns the ice cream at a slower velocity and for a longer time. That makes it denser. There is not so much air in the ice cream. Italian gelato contains only about half of the amount of air that is in other ice cream.

Third, the Italian gelato is served at a warmer temperature. It is not really frozen.

Italian ice cream maker: original Italian gelato

If you buy an Italian ice cream maker you have the right prerequisite to produce an original Italian ice cream with a full body, a creamy substance and a dense flavor. The automatic ice cream machine does not in any case produce a substance of real Italian gelato. You should choose an Italian ice cream machine that churns and freezes at the same time.

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