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Espresso Coffee Machine

Espresso Coffee Machine

It was Angelo Moriondo from Turin who invented the first espresso coffee machine in the year 1884. He was the first to experiment with a machine that could make espresso. The name of Angelo Moriondo is no longer famous. But the patent of his invention still is since it was bought by Desiderio Pavoni in 1905. Pavoni - a name which is known ever since for high-quality Italian espresso coffee machines.

Professionalism at home: Italian coffee machines

It seems like all coffee brewers have undergone fundamental change. They do no longer brew a good coffee – of course they do – but they become more and more a design object. Even people who do not cook or bake anymore long for a high-quality, stainless steel coffee machine made in Italy. Why is that?

Italian coffee culture rules

Italian coffee culture has spread all over Europe. Coffee-to-go and espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato are well-known terms that every coffee addict knows by heart. Whether he lives in Italy, in Great Britain or in Germany does not matter.

Maybe espresso is our new drug since we do not smoke anymore. Scientists attest espresso a healthy effect. It has less caffeine than a filter coffee or drip coffee. It revives and stimulates and is simply just the right thing for a break. Just switch on your espresso machine.

The most difficult question is this: which one is the right espresso coffee machine for me?

Which espresso coffee machine?

You have to decide. Do you really need an adjustable coffee quantity? Should the amount of water be programmable? If not, you can save a lot of money. Choose instead a machine which is easy to operate and to clean. Compare the technical features and you will soon realize which one is the right espresso coffee machine for you.