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Italian coffee maker

Italian coffee maker

When you are looking for an Italian coffee maker you soon realize that there are huge differences between the single products. An Italian coffee maker may be a stovetop espresso, a compact brewer, a press pot or a coffee brewer. Even handmade European Cooper Ibriks are considered as coffee makers.

Stovetop Espresso: the original Italian coffee maker

Stovetop Espressos belong to the first coffee makers. Until today you can see these little espresso brewers in nearly every Italian household. They work like this: you unscrew the top chamber and remove the coffee basket. Then you fill the bottom chamber with water and add the grind coffee. You screw the halves together and place them on the stove until the upper chamber is filled with coffee.

Press pots

Press pots are also called coffee French presses. They are simple to handle. Put ground coffee into the carafe, pour hot water over it and after a while push the mesh down.

Coffee brewers

The most famous Italian coffee makers however are the coffee machines, modeled after commercial coffee brewers. They brew up several cups of coffee in just a few minutes. In Germany they are especially well known since they provide not only espresso coffee but also the famous filter coffee depending on the machine.

Italian coffee makers – best known in the world

The Italian coffee culture is known all over the world. And so are the Italian coffee makers and espresso machines. Noone knows as good as the Italians how to prepare and celebrate coffee. How about a little espresso after lunch or for a short break during work? For Italians life without coffee simply does not exist. A coffee maker can be found in nearly every European household. They gain terrain also in offices and shops. Coffee-to-go is the new slogan that expresses our new way of life.