Nemox Gelato 3K TOUCH i-Green

Nemox Gelato 3K TOUCH i-Green
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The ice machine manufacturer Nemox from Italy is known worldwide for its quality. Professional or household use, Nemox is the right place for you. Nemox was founded in 1986, since then over 6,000,000 ice machines have rolled off the assembly line.

Nemox, using the latest technologies in the refrigeration industry, has created a new range of 100% ecological batch freezers capable of obtaining excellent results. The i-Green compressor ice cream makers are able to produce the cold necessary for the production of ice cream. The refrigeration system is able to provide a high number of refrigerators in a very short time, giving the possibility to have an ice cream, sorbet, granita or frozen yogurt in about 20 minutes. The machines are also able to produce, also thanks to the availability of the removable basket, more flavors in a short time.

With the Nemox Gelato 3K TOUCH you can prepare gelato, ice cream and sorbet on demand!

Ideal for small restaurants and cafes. The customer selects their favourite flavour and in a few minutes it will be delivered straight to the table. Fresh, just churned and of the highest quality!

Inner bowl is AISI 304 stainless steel.

Continuous operating capability allows rapid production of several different flavours.

The machine body is entirely made of stainless steel, like the mixer blade, featuring replaceable inserts.

Air cooling. Mechanical 30 minute timer.

Makes 800 g, - 1.2 every 15 minutes!
3,4 kg - 4,8 liters per hour!


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  • 220-240V 50Hz/1 - 350W
  • Air cooling: yes
  • AISI 304 stainless steel  fixed bowl 1,7 l. - 1,8 qt
  • Max Ingredients qty 0,8 Kg-0,75 l.- .8 qt
  • Max Production/Hour 3,4 Kg - 4,8 l. - 5 qt
  • Preparation time 15'
  • Mixing motor - Induction with thermostat: yes
  • Thermic safety - Compressor and mixing motor: yes
  • Reduction 63 rpm
  • Timer 30'
  • Variable mixing speed 
  • Wheels with brakes (RF) or adjustable feet (PR) PR
  • Horizontal extraction: no
  • Electronic control with inverter: no
  • Stainless steel body: yes
  • Width cm 34 - in 13,40
  • Depth cm 40 - in 15,75
  • Height cm 25 - in   9,84
  • Net Weight 19 Kg - 42 lb
  • Shipping Carton cm. 44x52x35
  • in 17.3x20.5x13.8
  • kg. 23 - lb 51

Accessories included:
Ice cream spatula: yes •
Paddle inserts 1 set

Capacity of the different Nemox models:

Chef 3L
30-35 minutes about 850 g, per hour 1.5 kg / 3 L

Chef 5L
20-30 minutes about 1 kg, per hour 2 kg / 3.2 L

15 minutes about 800 g, per hour 3.4 kg / 4.8 l

15 minutes about 1 kg, per hour about 4 kg / 5.6 L

15 minutes about 1.25 kg, per hour 5 kg / 7 L

15 minutes about 1.5 kg, per hour 5 kg / 7 L

15 minutes about 2 kg, per hour 10 kg / 14 L

15 minutes about 3 kg, per hour 15 kg / 20 L


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