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Quick Mill is a company with tradition: Founded in 1945, we specialize in the production of coffee grinders and espresso machines.

In our production facility in Senago near Milan, our coffee machines are manufactured using high-quality raw materials such as copper and brass.

History of Quick Mill

Coffee has been enjoyed by people around the world for centuries, and with the advent of coffee shops and home preparation, so has interest in coffee makers. One company that has made a significant impact on the coffee maker industry is Quick Mill of Italy. In this article we take a look at the history of Quick Mill and how they contributed to the development of coffee machines.

Quick Mill was founded in 1945 by Carlo Ernesto Valente, considered one of the pioneers in the coffee machine industry. Valente was driven by his passion for coffee and his desire to create a machine that produces the perfect cup every time. His first machine, the "Registered Model", was a lever-operated espresso machine that became popular in bars and cafes across Italy.

In the 1960's, Quick Mill Italy introduced their first pump operated machine which represented a significant advance in the coffee maker industry. This machine used a pump to force the water through the coffee grounds, creating a richer and more consistent espresso. The pump-powered machine quickly became the standard in cafes and restaurants worldwide.

In the 1980s, Quick Mill Italy expanded its product line to include home espresso machines. These machines were designed for home use and offered the same quality and consistency as their commercial machines. The home machines came in a variety of sizes and styles, from compact single-cup machines to larger multi-group models.

Quick Mill has consistently incorporated new features and technology into their machines over the years. In the 2000s, they began incorporating programmable settings and digital displays into their machines, making it easier for users to customize their coffee-brewing experience. Quick Mill Italy machines are also equipped with quality components such as: B. commercially available portafilters, group heads and boilers that ensure that the machines consistently produce good coffee.

Today, Quick Mill Italy is a leader in the coffee machine sector, known for its quality and innovation. Their machines are used in cafes and restaurants around the world, but also in the homes of coffee lovers who only want the best. Despite changes in technology and consumer preferences over the years, Quick Mill Italy has remained committed to the art and science of coffee making to ensure their machines continue to deliver the perfect cup every time.

The Quick Mill Italy story is a testament to the passion and dedication it takes to create a great coffee maker. From the early lever machines to the modern digital models, Quick Mill Italy has been at the forefront of coffee machine innovation for over 75 years. Their machines are a testament to the company's commitment to making the perfect cup of coffee every time.

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