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Velma Pastaline
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The Giotto Maxi Dough Sheeter is designed for small-scale production applications and comes with one pair of rollers that enable the user to roll out either round or rectangular pizza bases up to 45cm in diameter or width.

The Giotto range of Dough Sheeters are versatile machines that can be used for processing dough for various applications such as pizzas, breads, flatbreads, "focaccia" bread, cakes, samoosas, and more. These machines are entirely manufactured from stainless steel and equipped with food-grade resin rollers that comply with the most stringent workplace health and safety regulations.

The Giotto range of Dough Sheeters are highly reliable and their smaller size makes them ideal for use in workshops with limited space. They can process the dough at ambient temperature without altering the organoleptic characteristics and the quality of the end-product. The diameter of the pizza base or the width of the "focaccia" bread depends on the length of the lower pair of rollers.

All the dual-roller Giotto Dough Sheeter models can be used with an electric start pedal and come with a lever for setting the desired dough thickness for each pair of rollers.

Technical data:

230/240 v 50hz   0,37 Kw - 110 Volt
dimension 33x56x29 cm (HxLx D)
Weight 25 kg

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