Rocket Cronometro Mozzafiato R

Rocket Cronometro Mozzafiato R
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The ultra-modern and noble coffee machines and coffee grinders from Rocket are produced in Milan in the best Italian craft tradition. All machines are made by hand, the attention to detail and the classic award-winning design are impressive.

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento models and the R58 model, which can be controlled via a PID software interface, receive special recognition.


CRONOMETRO MOZZAFIATO R ( now with PID and  digital shot timer )

The Rocket Cronometro R model is offered in two different body styles – Giotto and Mozzafiato -  both with heat exchanger PID temperature control technology. Now with digital shot timer allowing the user to better optimise extraction time. Temperature control is optimised through a PID controller drawing on 4 different signal parameters to ensure stability and optimum results in the cup. An adjustable temperature display allows the user to select individual brewing temperatures for different coffee types and roast styles.


Features taken directly from Rocket commercial espresso machines.

Now with PID temperature control, insulated boiler and the Rocket Espresso 9 mm boiler and plates, stability and temperature control is further enhanced.

The use of a rotary pump ensures quiete yet robust pump performance and allows the user to have the machine draw water from the internal machine reservoir or alternatively connect  the machine directly to the water supply.




* Digital shot timer 

* Heat exchanger boiler design

* PID control for greater temperature stability

* Boiler capacity: 1.8 litres

* Full sized commercial rotary pump

* 2.5 litres water reservoir or direct water connection option

* Height adjustable feet

*Stainless steel cup frame as standard

* Wattage:  1200 W





( width x depth x height )  280 x 425 x 400 mm 

weight : 30 kg



( width x depth x height )  335 x 420 x 400 mm ( 425 mm with cup frame) 

weight : 28 kg 

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