Musso Pola Stella 5030 110 V

Musso Pola Stella 5030 110 V
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Making ice cream yourself is a pleasure and joy for the whole family. The ice cream maker from Musso is your private ice cream parlor at home.

Musso Lussino Mini 4080: Easy and fast production of ice cream in your home. The housing, mixing bowl and agitator are made of stainless steel. Supplied with plastic lid for mixing bowl and plastic spoon. A timer switches the cooling and transmission off automatically.

Musso Pola Stella 5030: Suitable as ice cream + sorbet machine for the smaller restaurant, prepares approx. 1.5 l. Your ice cream or sorbet in about 20 minutes. The Musso Pola Stella 5030 is also made of stainless steel and has a timer.

Musso Pola Stella 5030 Chef: The ice bucket and mixing spatula are also made of stainless steel in the Stella 5030 Chef model. This enables quick and easy cleaning. The protective cover and strong motor also enable use in bars and restaurants.


The Musso Pola Stella 5030 can be used not only in the home, but also professionally. This ice machine from Musso is also characterized by simple operation and reliability.

You can produce 1.5 kg of the best ice cream in about 20 minutes.

As with all ice cream devices from Musso, the housing and mixing spatula are made of stainless steel. A strong motor allows heavy loads and continuous operation.

  • Preparation time: about 20 minutes
  • Capacity: 1.5 kg ice
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 51 x 35 x 31 cm
  • Power: 300 watts
  • Weight: 30 kg

Comparison of the different Musso models:

Musso Mini 4080
0,75 L 20 min / 2 L hour / compressor 200 Watt / stainless steel / 18 kg

Musso Stella 5030
1.5 kg, 20 min / 4,5 L hour / compressor 250 Watt / stainless steel / 30 kg

Musso Stella CHEF**
1.5 kg in 20 min / 4,5 L hour / compressor 300 Watt / stainless steel / 30 kg

** difference to model Stella 5030: safety device for commercial use / stainless steel

Musso Giardino
2,5 L in 20 min / 9 L hour / 570 Watt / stainless steel / 62 kg

Musso Club
identical with Fiume Giardino, different form factor / stainless steel / 65 kg

Musso Consul
12 L hour / 1200 Watt / stainless steel / 105 kg


"The Cadillacs of ice cream makers."
Los Angeles Daily News

"If you're serious about making your own ice cream, this is the machine for you."
The Wall Street Journal

"Dream Machine, which can make as much as two quarts of ice cream at a time, meant for perfectionists."
The New York Times

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