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We are the coffee and ice cream specialist from Italy. We sell the Best products of Italy in terms of coffee makers, coffee grinders and of course coffee. Coffee machines from La Pavoni, Elektra, Ponte Vecchio, Isomac, coffee from Illy, Lavazza, Segafredo, Ice Cream makers from Musso, Nemox…

Customer Service

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Shipping and Warranty


All of our products come with a 2 year UK - European Union manufacturers warranty (Demo units 1 year). This warranty is valid without restrictions in the UK, Sweden and all other EU countries. You have the right the service your product at any manufacturers service centre in the UK or any EU country within the warranty period.

All service needs for NON-EU countries must be approved by us prior to the service work. You will receive a service authorization number from us.

Duties and Taxes

All deliveries to the UK and the EU (European Union) are duty free.

Import duties for deliveries to all other countries are paid by our customers at delivery. Please contact your local customs office to inquire about the duty rate.

Below the import duty rate for our main overseas markets:

- USA: 4.3% - Japan: 5% - Australia: 15% - Hong Kong: free - Singapore: free

Delivery times

Delivery times are 3 days within the UK and Ireland, 5 to 8 days to USA, Europe and Rest of World. Delivery times for lamps is about 2 weeks.


What is my shipping cost?

We use DHL and UPS as shipping partners.

We suggest the use of your office location as the ship-to address. Our experience shows that DHL and UPS can find office locations faster, there is also always somebody there to accept the parcel. This will result in a quicker delivery service. Our shipping partners deliver during office hours only.

Of course you can also use your home address. Make sure someone is at home (during office Hours) 2-4 days after you receive our shipping notification.

We offer delivery to all countries of the EU (Greece mainland only), USA, Canada, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, India, Russia. Some products like food and coffee can only be shipped within the UK and the EU.

You can see the shipping cost on the last page of the order module, before submitting payment information and before confirming your order.