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Segafredo Coffee

Segafredo Coffee

Segafredo coffee is one of the best-known Italian coffees. For more than 40 years now the Segafredo Zanetti company provides consumers and the food service industry with espresso beans, ground roasted coffee and coffee pods.

Segafredo coffee: high quality and delicate taste

The Segafredo company is not only a coffee dealer. It is owner of a huge coffee plantation in Brazil and possesses several coffee roasters. They also sell espresso machines.

In the last years Segafredo has become the No. 1 coffee in the food service industry and in the hotel business. In 1973 – the year the company was founded – Segafredo sold 1 ton of coffee. Today they sell more than 60.000 tons a year. This corresponds to 9 billion cups of coffee.

Segafredo coffee: the powerful black shot

The Italian coffee culture has conquered the world. Everywhere now the different types of coffee like espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato are known. In hundreds of coffee shops each day people order a double espresso, a caffè corretto or a grande cappuccino. Together with our life style our coffee consumption has changed.

We no longer brew up a coffee pot of filter coffee for the whole family. The modern espresso machines allow us to simply press a button and produce cappuccino, latte macchiato or espresso just as we like. You can find Segafredo coffee beans in nearly every supermarket, coffee shop and hotel. Segafredo espresso is known all over Europe. They even have their own coffee shops.

Segafredo espresso: full-bodied and strong

Segafredo coffee is famous for its strong and full-bodied taste. It revives and stimulates the senses and is just the right thing anytime during the day. Did you know that even in Germany, the country of filter coffee, espresso has outrun the traditional coffee? In nearly every second household you find an Italian espresso machine.