Nemox Gelato 15K Crea

Nemox Gelato 15K Crea
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Main Features:

• Produces 3 kg (4 l) in about 8/10 min 15 kg (20 l) hour
• Simple and intuitive control panel
• Possibility of manual or automatic use
• Front discharge for cleaning
• Stainless steel blade with removable inserts
• Inverter for blade speed adjustment (60-130 rpm)
• 1300 W electric pickup


Gelato 15k Crea is the new jewel of the house of Nemox!

Gelato 15K Crea is a batch freezer capable of meeting the needs of both a restaurant and ice cream shop. Gelato 15K Crea is compact despite having the capacity of a much larger machine.

Gelato 15K Crea can freeze 3 kg of mix at a temperature of 8ºC with an average cycle of 8/10 minutes.
The machine can be operated in manual mode, allowing the operator to decide when to end the freeze cycle, or automatically.

The speed of the blade is adjustable between 60 and 130 revolutions per minute to allow freezing and the best lag depending on the recipe used.

Manual mode:

The manual function is activated by pressing the compressor button and the knife button.

When the preparation has reached the desired consistency, the machine can be switched off or switched to the preservation function by pressing the buttons on the compressor and on the blade at the same time.

The machine automatically switches to preservation, selected from the 4 available cycles.

Automatic mode:

In automatic mode, the operator has the option of selecting 4 different operating programs:

• Ice cream / sorbet: Ice cream achieves the typical density of artisanal ice cream
• Semi-Soft Ice: More air is incorporated to achieve higher serve.
• Slush: In order to obtain the ice crystals characteristic of slush, the mixing blade operates alternately during the cycle.
• Shock cooling: by introducing the mixture at a temperature of around 80°C in a cycle of 10 minutes, the mixture is brought to a temperature between 10°C and 5°C. During this cycle, the knife works alternately. At the end of the blast chilling cycle, the machine starts the preservation cycle to keep the mixture temperature within the reached range.

Automatic mode is activated by pressing the dedicated button next to the 4 production cycles. The first program is automatically selected and can be changed by pressing the main program button again.

At the start of the selected program you can select the desired preservation cycle for a softer or richer texture from the 4 cycles available.
The conservation cycle is selected by repeatedly pressing the relevant conservation button.

When the ice cream has reached the right consistency, the production program ends automatically and the selected preservation cycle begins.

Thanks to the technology used, Gelato 15K Crea has a limited weight and is equipped with 4 wheels, two of which are lockable, making it easy to transport and move. Cleaning is facilitated by a simple emptying system.

The machine complies with the relevant European legislation in terms of safety and with the latest European F-Gas legislation in terms of the environment.

Accessories included:

- Spatula for ice cream
- removable scraper set
- 1 set of gaskets
- Brush to clean the drain


  •     Ean 8024872138830
  •     Power supply 220-240V 50Hz / 1
  •     Power 1300W
  •     Gas R452
  •     CO2 equivalent 1.4 T equivalent CO2
  •     Maximum amount of ingredients - volume
  •     medium final 3 kg - 4 L 6.6 lb - 4.2 qt
  •     Max Hourly Output Weight and Volume 15 kg - 20 l 33 lb -21 qt
  •     Average prep time 8'-10'
  •     6 l stainless steel basket. - 6.34 quarts
  •     Machine dimensions (L / W / H) cm 45x61x105 inches 17.7x24x41.5
  •     Net weight 70.4 kg - 153 lb
  •     Shipping box cm.60x66x134 inch 23.6x26x52.8
  •     Kg. 80.5 - 175.2 lbs

Capacity of the different Nemox models:

30-35 minutes about 850 g, per hour 1.5 kg / 3 L

20-30 minutes about 1 kg, per hour 2 kg / 3.2 L

15 minutes about 800 g, per hour 3.4 kg / 4.8 l

15 minutes about 1 kg, per hour about 4 kg / 5.6 L

15 minutes about 1.25 kg, per hour 5 kg / 7 L

15 minutes about 1.5 kg, per hour 5 kg / 7 L

15 minutes about 2 kg, per hour 10 kg / 14 L

15 minutes about 3 kg, per hour 15 kg / 20 L


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